There are various methods to request
access token from secured mobiikey

Few Examples

  • Request is placed when end customer uses the service like renting a car, laundry service, renting a locker, online shopping etc.,
  • Someone who owns the system like cars, locks, boxes can generate request to other party
  • Vendors who are providing a service can request access from the authorized person for various systems and places like homes, offices, cars, boxes etc.,

Secured MobiiKey cloud will
verify the user credentials
and generate the digital
token based for the duration


Digital token generated is unique to
the user identity and also based on
various information related to the

The wireless electronic controller installed with every system to receive token, authenticate user, validate various data and unlock the system using MSAP

(MobiiKey Secured Access Protocol)


Thus, access to physical system of car, box, locks,
motorized gates, doors can be provided
dynamically for the duration needed

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