How convenient it is if your locks become keyless, touchless and highly secured.

Turn customers mobile into a smart and secured key. It is always with them, even if it is lost, key is never lost.

Eliminate physical assets like swipe cards, network/internet connection from lock devices. What more, unlike physical keys, control the duration of the access.

We can enable all that for you in a most convenient and cost-efficient way.

Whether it is a hotel client, vacational rentals, offices, homes etc., our pioneered technologies for offline access will make your locks free from all forms of cyber-attacks. Provides convenience, easy to manage and cost advantages to you and your clients.

Consider below scenarios

Scenario 1

If access key is lost, someone can grab and get access to rooms,
secured areas, if mobile phone is lost we still have protections in
the mobile through finger prints, passwords. We can also enable
the password for every access which customer can set. So, rooms,
offices, secured spaces can never be accessed other than the
intended person.

Scenario 2

Another scenario is, housekeeping has separate access
key. So, if someone accesses using that key, there is no
traceability. We can generate a separate service token for
housekeeping only for the duration needed, so we will
have exact track of who accessed when.

What can your clients get?

  • 1

    Eliminate the cumbersome process and cost of
    managing physical cards/keys

  • 2

    Convenience to turn their customers /visitors mobile
    into smart and secure key

  • 3

    Provide the access for the duration needed

  • 4

    Complete traceability and tracking of the lock access

What you can get?

  • 1

    Powerful and futuristic solution to service all
    your clients

  • 2

    Enhanced business opportunities

  • 3

    Never lose out to competition

  • 4

    Save costs

What can we do

  • We will work with you to customize our
    solutions per your requirements and your
    client requirements.
  • We will work with you to customize/redesign
    the controller per your needs or if you have
    ready BLE controller, we can provide libraries
    to integrate.

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