COVID19 Crisis: Social distancing seems to be the only immediate and effective measure to control the spread of the virus. Mobiikey offers contactless access to various common access point and also 24x7 contactless parcel delivery/pickup with our smart parcel locker solution. We stand by the world at this time of crisis. Write to us for any of our solutions at

Easy Integration

With easy-to-integrate, application specific mobile SDKs and APIs, go smart, keyless, 24x7.

The solution gets seamlessly integrated into customer mobile apps and workflows.

Bluetooth & NFC

With our deep expertise on BLE and NFC technologies, we provide highly reliable, customized electronic hardware for the last mile access

Secured Authentication

Access is granted using digitally signed tokens after 3 stage authentication and verification process

Engineered with best standards to prevent every possible cyber breach

Every token and every access is unique and secure


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Media and News

Media and News

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