Why use MobiiKey

MobiiKey technology platform will transform a smart phone into a secure and shareable key to various locks and electronic doors all around the world. Whether it is an automotive door locks, electronic locks, locker locks, motorized doors and gates of every building, our technology platform will transform the way access is generated and controlled to these systems dynamically for anyone needing the access. With our technologies, you will never have to worry about keys getting stolen or lost. They are green as they do not generate additional waste/e-waste to the planet in the form of access cards, physical keys. More than a simple key, MobiiKey access keys are powerful cryptography enabled digital tokens.

As secure as it can be

Security is the core foundation of what we do in every aspect. Our digital tokens use best-in-class cryptography techniques and key management. Over and above, we have built a layered security model including our own MSAP (MobiiKey Secured Access Protocol) to complete the access process. Our defense in depth approach and proper threat modelling ensures our systems are secure from all forms of cyber-attacks.

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Intelligent Locker/box Solution

  • Use customers mobile to unlock the locker/box,
  • Share the access dynamically for the duration needed
  • Green technology operates on Battery and consumes less
    than 1/500000th of power as compared to conventional system

Opportunities Unlimited

  • Self-Use Lockers
  • Parcel Lockers for Delivery/Pickup
  • Key Sharing Boxes
  • Many More
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Solutions across industries


  • Share the secured digital tokens dynamically to customers/drivers mobile to lock/unlock vehicle
  • Control the duration of access
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  • Deliver and pick-up 24x7 with our delivery box/locker solutions
  • Solutions for individual homes, offices, apartments, public places
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Retail, Laundry, SME

  • Now serve your customers 24x7
  • Go online and deliver through delivery lockers
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Vacation/service apartments

  • End hassle of sharing physical keys to customers with our simplified key sharing process
  • Install key sharing boxes near to your property and securely share physical keys
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Electronic Locks

  • Dynamically generate access pass to locks from any location
  • Control the duration of access
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