About Us

About Mobiikey Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,

Mobiikey is a global technology company, pioneered in providing smart mobile access solutions to physical assets and infrastructure.

The mobile access platform enables access to systems directly onto a user smart phone thus allowing contactless transactions of parcels, contactless access to shared assets like vehicles, buildings, lifts, parking areas, toll gates, metro stations and more.

Mobiikey’s pioneered technologies for offline authentication and dynamic access generation to physical systems will benefit and transform many businesses.

Mobiikey offers comprehensive keyless “mobile access and authenticated start” solution for global car sharing, scooter sharing businesses as well as fleet owners. The trust platform and authentication engine make sharing of the vehicles highly convenient and secured.

Mobiikey has also re-imagined the way friction-free, contactless parcel deliveries are done in future with its unique and green smart locker technology.

Going beyond intelligent parcel lockers, Mobiikey enables delivery through various shared assets.

Mobiikey also enables seamless smartphone access to the doors, barriers, turnstiles, motorized gates, lifts, machines and more. The platform generates various type of access directly onto users’ smart phone like owner access, visitor access, repeat user access, one-time access, timed access etc.

With strong IP, established partners, experienced leadership and team, MobiiKey is poised to become world leader in secured, smart, seamless mobile access solutions to physical assets and infrastructure

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