Vehicle Sharing Platform

Vehicle Sharing ECUs

Unique, highly reliable, vehicle sharing ECUs of OEM quality are designed from our 20+ years of automotive experience and meets harsh automotive environment. Mobiikey provides the best quality ECUs for seamless access experience of users.

Mobile App SDKs

Smart vehicle sharing SDKs get easily integrated into rental/sharing app workflows in a quick time. Our SDKs are designed to provide secured access with integration of MSAP even for an offline access and are free from replay, clone and relay attacks. The SDKs are designed for highest level of privacy and security of the user.

Cloud Mobility Deployment

Mobility deployment ensures secured access tokens are provided to customer mobile for both onetime use and offline repeat use until the booking is active. The service uses FIPS 140-2 HSM Lvl2 cryptography key management for completely secured and hack proof token management. The deployment is designed independent of vehicle and user data and hence protecting customer data.

Our Solutions

Comprehensive keyless mobile access and authenticated start solution for global mobility sharing businesses as well as fleet owners.

The trust platform and authentication engine make sharing of the vehicle access on driver mobile highly convenient and secured.

Car Sharing

Non disruptive ECUs take care of existing RF keys.

Works for all vehicle models through various wiring options (central lock switch, direct motor drive)

BLE 4.2 proximity unlock and authenticated START (vehicle immobilization)

Vehicle Tracking, Driver Behaviours, Telematics (MACM Pro)

Low Energy and Battery Optimized

Scooter/Bike Sharing

Unique, electrical only solution with no disruption to handle lock assembly

BLE 4.2 proximity unlock (vehicle boot) and authenticated START

Tagged helmet and key

Live Vehicle Tracking, ODO, Battery Status, Vehicle Towing Alert, Overspeed Alert, Rash Drive Alert, No Helmet Alert, Low Battery Alert and more.

Proprietary smart networking protocol

Low Energy and Battery Optimized

Driver Sharing

Switch to a disruptive business models with Mobiikey’s driver sharing platform. Freedom and vehicle security to fleet owners.

Assign virtual keys to the drivers, track the vehicles, get complete trip report and driver behaviours

Ensure authorized driver drives the vehicle with authenticated access and start

Use Mobiikey’s Mfob driver app to provide access to the drivers

For Logistic Businesses

Parcel level tracking with low cost BLE beacons and/or Mobiikey Smart Transport Lockers

Supports all kinds of fleet’s (2-wheeler, cars, trucks)

OEM Integration

Mobiikey integrates with Automotive OEMs to support mobility sharing businesses with following integration options

Embedded Library Integration – Deploy Mobiikey Authentication Libraries with BLE interface in the vehicle ECU.

BLE to CAN/LIN gateway modules - Patent pending method will allow OEMs to setup a vehicle CAN DBs and allow automatic configuration of gateway module at dealerships or at customer end.

Application Areas

Rentals and Sharing
Fleet Management

Mobility Sharing Controllers

Success Stories

Largest car renting and sharing company in India Drivezy wanted a keyless access solution for their fleet. Mobiikey presented a next generation technology and got the project awarded.

SDKs and APIs were integrated in their app and the vehicles were installed with MACU Uno ECUs. Around 1075 covering all most all Indian models are converted for keyless access. Installation of 325 vehicles are in progress between Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune. Achieved keyless access and authenticated start without disrupting the current vehicle functionalities like RF keys and normal start.

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