Parcel Delivery

Contactless transaction of parcels

Intelligent Parcel Lockers

Logistics play a major role in the fast-changing-world with billions of parcels delivered globally.

With significant last mile delivery challenges, whole logistics needs a fresh look at the way parcels are delivered in the future.

Mobiikey offers green, lean automated parcel locker technology and other delivery options for businesses.

Our Approach and Concept

Everything gets delivered first time, every time

Multiple contactless delivery options

Simplified consumer to business integrations

Ability for businesses to deliver 24x7 and choose nonpeak hours for delivery

Mobiikey Smart Parcel Locker Solution

Lean, green, clean technology

Bluetooth Low Energy and proximity access

10 years of battery life with < 1/500000th of energy consumption

Easy to install, customer configurable (both physical and activation) and works anywhere in the world

As small as portable single box to as big as 100’s of lockers works on same technology

One solution for first mile as well as last mile

One solution for businesses as well as consumer


Without Tab

Closed loop access with both side mobile app (business side and consumer side). Example, app-based laundry, app-based e-commerce etc., System here doesn’t require any tab, computer, display, keypad etc., Access is granted using digitally signed access tokens and following Mobiikey secured access protocol

With Tab

Open loop tab-based applications where one side or both sides do not need mobile app. The access is granted though the tab kept at the smart locker.

Access Methodology

Using Mobiikey Keyless Access Platform

Digitally Signed Access Tokens

3 Tier Encryption

Mobiikey Secured Access Protocol

FIPS 140-2 HSM Keys

Not Just Parcel Lockers

With the smart SDKs and API integration, Mobiikey allows delivery/pickup from any of the assets which are on Mobiikey platform like vehicle, access gates, home doors.

Mobiikey mobile Apps can be used consumer to receive and approve the access and delivery.

Unique Business Model


Mobiikey provides design support to customers to build their own parcel lockers and provide access and booking platform along with smart controllers (4-box and 12-box)


Mobiikey also provide finished product as per customer requirements using its fabrication partners in India and China

Success Stories

Locker Control Units

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