MobiiKey Smart Locker/Box solution will turn the smart phone into a secured key to access various locker and boxes

First of its kind, low energy solution which operates on battery and eliminates the requirements for external power.

Highly secured access to the system is enabled through smart phone and there is no data connectivity (GSM/WiFi) at the locker/box

With no GSM/Data connectivity and with battery operations, easy installations of systems anywhere in the world in few minutes

What You Get With MobiiKey

  • 1

    Convenience of using smart phone as a secured access key

  • 2

    Eliminates the need of physical presence and physical transactions of keys, parcels etc.,

  • 3

    Contactless transaction with location guide, pass extract features etc.,

  • 4

    Smart workflows to rent, own and share a box

Application Areas

Vacation rental home owners, realtors, service apartment owners, it is an end of hassle to share keys with your customers. We have simplified the key sharing process. Share the keys securely to your clients with our smart key sharing boxes.

It’s simple, install our key sharing boxes near to your property or in front of your house/apartment.

Request for digital pass to your client mobile for the key sharing box. Control the duration of access. Let your client pick up the key from the box and return to the box.

Now never worry about return deliverables, logistics cost from return deliverables, hassles of calling customers, rogue employee issues etc.,

Our solutions for individual home as well as public sharable for office, apartments, public places simplify the delivery and pickup process.

Moreover, we have created a very intelligent workflow to simplify process in case of wrong deliveries, emergencies etc.,

Returns of parcels is also simplified

Various business models for collaboration

Now serve your regular customers 24x7 using our smart parcel lockers and boxes. Compete with e-commerce by going online and delivering through 24x7 secure and easy to use parcel lockers.

Your employees can access the box, keep the parcel in any locker/box and request for digital access token to your customer.

You can also install self-use boxes to sell your products or for customers to keep their personal belongings

Laundry can receive and deliver the clothes 24x7 using the locker/box installed at the shop. We can integrate access into your app or can service using our mobile app

We have made the renting of locker highly cost efficient, extremely secure and simple to use. No need to install costly computers, cash machines, no power supply or network requirements, simply install at a convenient place, configure in few minutes and let your customers start using it.

With our smart workflows, same locker/box can be used for self-use or receiving/sending parcels

What we do for you

  • End to end solution including lockers/box
  • Wireless controller to receive digital tokens, authenticate the user, enable the access using “Mobiikey Secured Access Protocol”.
  • Mobile app or libraries to integrate with customer app for Android and iOS
  • Service to generate digital access token for every booking/request
  • Customization of functionality as per customer need

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