Social distancing is key to preventing the spread of the COVID19 virus. Countries and cities have taken emergency steps such as lock-down and community quarantining.

Given the virus’s ability to remain active on various surfaces, contact with contaminated surfaces is one of the primary channels for community transmission. Some of these contact points are unavoidable in communities and cities. Examples: lift buttons, metro train RFID tokens, accessing physical spaces through fingerprint modules, e.g. in offices and residential communities, etc.

All this active infrastructure is touched hundreds and thousands of times each day by several unidentified individuals resulting in a massive community transmission risk. These risks are present even during times of lockdown. And as lockdowns are removed in the weeks to come, transmission risk through contaminated surfaces will only go up exponentially.

Mobiikey is a technology start-up specialising in contactless access to physical systems. We have proven and quick to implement solutions that help citizens to interact with active infrastructure without any contact and thereby significantly reduce transmission risk.

Founded by Ravichandra Reddy, an automotive veteran with significant experience in global automotive technologies, Mobiikey’s access on mobile platform generates contactless access directly onto user smart phone.

A short summary of our solutions is given below:

Solution 1: Contactless access on smartphone to physical common contact areas like lifts, metro stations, office and buildings

Problem context: Avoid common infrastructure areas like lift button, fingerprint access, metro RF ID tokens being touched by thousands of people

The solution: Mobiikey can quickly customize its existing Bluetooth Low Energy controllers, deploy its access on mobile platform to generate and provide secured access to the common areas directly onto user’s smart phone.

Solution 2: Contactless transactions of essential commodities

Problem context: Public are given a fixed timing to get the essential items like groceries etc., resulting in a huge rush. Also, the physical interaction is not avoided even if essential items are delivered to home.

The solution: Mobiikey can quickly build and deploy smart parcel lockers at distribution centers and communities to enable 24×7 contactless collection of essential items. With the use of WYNA mobile application, access to smart phone can be generated by business to consumer, consumer to consumer, consumer to business.

COVID 19: Contactless Solutions for Effective Social Distancing

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