COVID 19: Contactless and Touchless Parcel Delivery and Pickup for Effective Social Distancing

The world is currently going through a crisis that is unprecedented in human history. Almost a third of the world population is in lockdown as per report by business insider.

The scale of the pandemic is such that even the affluent countries are unable to find any solution to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Staying at home and social distancing are the only ways to stop its further ramification.

However, this has put a huge demand and rush to stock essential commodities like groceries and medicines.

This has further enhanced a risk of spread of virus due to people to people contact even if essentials are delivered to home.

Recent incident of “a pizza delivery boys test positive for coronavirus” which leads to the quarantine of 72 families and 17 colleagues is an example of such a risk.

Mobiikey’s Smart Parcel Locker Technology effectively addresses this problem by enabling contactless and touchless parcel transactions.

Truly Touchless

Unlike the traditional technology where surface is touched by many to enter OTP, Mobiikey smart lockers are operated using mobile application, hence are contactless and touchless. Once the parcel is delivered by the delivery person, the customer can collect parcels after a mandatory quarantine time of 12 hours without having to touch any surface of the locker

Portable and Green

Mobiikey automated parcel lockers are offline and battery operated, hence work anywhere without any dependence on electric power or the internet. The systems are portable and can be as small as single box

Works for Everyone

Mobiikey Smart Parcel lockers are quickly deployable and works for everyone. The lockers require no pre-existing requirements or “fittings” of any sort, and thus are ready to use immediately. With the use of WYNA mobile application, access to smart phone can be generated by business to a consumer, consumer to a consumer, consumer to a business.

At the same time, with the SDK and API integrations, business can integrate the solutions into their workflows and provide access to customers directly on their mobile apps.

Highly Secure and Traceable

With Mobiikey Intelligent Locker Technology, access is highly secure with proximity unlock and digitally signed tokens. While the machine authenticates mobile, the mobile intern authenticates the user with a passcode, fingerprint, 2 factor authentication and more. Unlike the OTP based systems, traceability of who exactly accessed the system is clearly established, hence the technology is very useful for parcels which needs delivery acknowledgements.

At this time of crisis, Mobiikey in collaboration with its customer WashBuddy, offers free usage of smart parcel boxes to achieve 100% contactless transaction of essential commodities at least in few areas.

Around 18 systems totalling 60 compartments can be deployed immediately at the required locations in Bangalore.

To know more about Mobiikey’s contactless smart parcel locker technology, visit our website  and/or write to us at for a demo.